Surgery #4: RIP my little Fallopian tubes!

Today I get to wake up with renewed hope. My surgery yesterday was a success. If you can call it that. I am officially sterile! It sounds weird saying it out loud even though my Fallopian tubes haven't been doing what it was suppose to for a very long time. Now it is just official.... Continue Reading →


FET: Discussion with the doctor after an unsuccessful implant

It's been 3 weeks since we got the bad news that we're not pregnant any more! We had a meeting scheduled with the doctor to discuss the way forward and look back. He usually schedules these appointments after work so that there are no interruptions and no risk of emergency surgeries or delays due to... Continue Reading →

The Amazing Variation in IVF Cost Around The Country – and Around Texas

Let's face it, fertility treatment is expensive (in all shapes and sizes). And here in South Africa, medical aids and health schemes does not pay a cent. So everything falls onto the couple/person themselves. Taken into account that the average couple trying to conceive is usually the same age group who are buying their first... Continue Reading →

Another couple’s cost breakdown of fertility treatment

I came across this blogpost by an American couple going through fertility treatments, IUI with sperm from a sperm bank. They give a good breakdown of the total costs to date for them. I like knowing what I am getting myself into in advance. So if you are considering fertility treatment, it is a good... Continue Reading →

FET: Coming to terms with a negative test result

To be honest this sucks, big time! Getting a negative test result is one thing if you're trying to conceive naturally. If it was part of an FET cycle, it also means we just flushed R25000 down the drain. My fifth and final blood test results came back. It confirmed we weren't pregnant anymore! On... Continue Reading →

FET: Blood test number 4!

Blah blah blah bad news, blah blah your count is down to 15. Blah blah chemical pregnancy. Blah blah blood test in 4 days. Blah blah try again in 2 cycles! Blah blah I'm sorry. Blah blah. That's kind of what the phone call felt like. That is the summary of the call I got... Continue Reading →

FET: Third set of blood tests

How long can one week be? I had blood tests done again this morning. Third time in one week. Test one my count was 5, the nurse prepared me for bad news. Second test, my count was 17. Exceeding everyone's expectations after I have prepared myself for the not so good news. Today I went... Continue Reading →

FET: Second blood tests

How much can 1 persons life change in 48 hours? Or at least the outlook on life. I was at the pathology lab 7:30 am, wanted to get it done as soon as possible. The sooner they draw my blood the sooner I can get the results and know what's going on. The last 48... Continue Reading →

FET: The long wait for blood tests!

This week is dragging by super slowly. I am trying to keep my mind occupied with other stuff, but I guess it's only human to think about the upcoming blood tests next week. The nurse told me that they usually get the results within approximately 2 hours when they mark the forms as urgent, which... Continue Reading →

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