Some tips on a healthy lifestyle with Enodmetriosis

If you suffer from endometriosis and have searched the internet for answers, you might have stumbled across articles mentioning you need a lifestyle change. Here is another blogger and fellow Endo-warriors tips on living a healthy life with endometriosis. Always nice to hear what works for someone else. Go follow her! Source: Welcome 2018


The start of a new school year

Today is another ‘sucky’ day. The tears are never too far. The reason being, it is my sisters eldest’s first day in the big school (the first of my parents’ grandchildren). She is only in pre-primary (or grade R as it is now known) so she doesn’t even wear a school uniform yet. Like every... Continue Reading →

The thing with blocked Fallopian tubes

I got to be confronted with some new terminology, something I didn't even knew was a possibility when we started the IVF process. But I have learnt that endometriosis like curve balls. So the latest term I had to wrap my head around was 'blocked Fallopian tubes.' In all honesty when the doctor mentioned it,... Continue Reading →

An article on ‘Period Brain’

If you've ever wondered how legit 'period brain' is or if its just something that's all in the mind, then you will enjoy this article. Referencing some studies done on hormones' effect on brain function. Source: What's the deal with "period brain"?

Endo-warriors, the queens of the ‘smile and wave’!

In general, up until now, my journey with endometriosis has been fairly smooth sailing. I mean, I got diagnosed and treated and for the past 5 years managed it to such an extend that it rarely crossed my mind. Until now. Now that we want to start a family. I am only now again starting... Continue Reading →

Clean slate for a healthy lifestyle

A while back I posted this blog how me and my husband started to cut out sugar from our diet. With Sarah Wilson's book titled 'I quit sugar' as motivation. Its been almost a year and a half since we started, but the last few months we defaulted to our old, nasty sugary habits again.... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

May you and your loved ones experience true and deep love this festive season. And be reminded what this time of year is really about. And here is to the new year! May 2018 bring you all the joy you deserve and your relationships go from strength to strength. xoxo  

FET: Implanting is postponed, again!

My follow-up with the doctor was yesterday. My black blob that appeared last week grew! Which means, the cysts starting growing as soon as I went off the pill. This just sucks. Apart from that the doctor also saw a lot of follicles, some pretty big ones. Which means he does not want to risk... Continue Reading →

FET: Our implanting cycle has arrived!

So, my period started on Saturday. Which means I made an appointment first thing Monday morning and still saw the doctor on the same day. Which means we are paying the clinic another R15 000 today. I was the last appointment for the day. So when I arrived, most of the staff at the clinic... Continue Reading →

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