IVF: We have fertilized eggs!

So it's the day after they harvested my eggs. I have been mostly sleeping the past 24 hours. My husband is on cooking and grocery shopping duty. Which he does without complaining, as long as we braai (or BBQ like they say outside of South Africa). Just after 11 the phone rings. It's the lab... Continue Reading →


IVF Day 14: Aspiration day!

The day has arrived! We are on day 14, today they get to remove these eggs and my ovaries get to return to their normal size. Which means less discomfort for me. I have had 16 injections to date, of which I did 15 myself! These includes: 10 injections given daily since day 3 to... Continue Reading →

IVF day 12-13: A weekend in discomfort! 

If I haven't mentioned it recently, I'm just going to say it again: I have the best husband ever! Genius here thought it would be ok to visit friends for dinner on Friday evening. And sleep over at their place as they live about 90km from us. I decided to not drink alcohol during the... Continue Reading →

IVF Day 10: Third sonar

So the doctor is still happy with my progress. My ovaries are super overloaded. He showed me on the sonar they are currently about 49mm, the norm is about 20mm. Which is why I'm experiencing more and more discomfort. According to the doctor this is a good pain. Good or not, it's starting to hurt... Continue Reading →

IVF Day 7: Second sonar

So today was my second appointment with the doctor, first since starting the meds. It's slightly scary at first cause you don't know if your body is reacting to the injections as it should until he shows you a bunch of black spots on what is apparently your ovaries. Yes, I am one of those... Continue Reading →

IVF Day 3: First sonar and medication

My appointment was for later the afternoon. Which is horrible. Try focusing on work while you are hearing your fate later the day. I mean, what if the doctor sees something that you never anticipated and you are no longer a candidate for IVF? By the time I arrived at the clinic, my mind has... Continue Reading →

Our IVF cycle is here!!!

So it is here! We are at 'Day 1'. In the last month, we had the required blood tests done, both me and my husband. And my husband took his semen sample for testing. All is good and we are set to start the IVF process. As my period started today, we are at what... Continue Reading →

Myths and Misconceptions of Endometriosis

Endometriosis is one of those diseases that you seldom hear about until the day that you are diagnosed, or someone close to you. I stumbled across this article pointing out some facts, myths and misconceptions of endometriosis. Good read, setting the record straight. Here are the main points as listed in the article: Endometriosis is... Continue Reading →


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