That naughty child is your privilege and responsibility, man up!

We have all seen them. Those naughty children screaming and crying in the shops, making everyone in the isle stop and turn around. Much to the parent’s humiliation. Then you get the two types of parents. The one that blatantly ignores the child and carry on with the shopping, they are after all in the... Continue Reading →


Will funerals ever be bearable?

I woke up this morning, already dreading what lies ahead. I won't say I've been to many funerals (I can only thank God for that), but the funeral of a child must be the worst thing ever. He would have turned 17 in a few months. It was a 3 hour drive and since the... Continue Reading →

Loosing an embryo vs a loosing a child

We received horrible news around 8pm last night. My brother sent a picture/Facebook post on our family WhatsApp group saying my parents' one god-child went missing after going for a swim in the ocean. I replied almost immediately 'is this a sick joke or real?'. It's not April's fools day but with fake news being... Continue Reading →

Blog mentions – I’ve been nominated

I haven't been reading my emails very diligently (you know, life happens), so when I eventually decided it's time to catch up and delete all the crap from my inbox (it's just the one store having a special after the other, all wanting you to spend your hard earned cash), I noticed 2 emails. I... Continue Reading →

The start of a new school year

Today is another ‘sucky’ day. The tears are never too far. The reason being, it is my sisters eldest’s first day in the big school (the first of my parents’ grandchildren). She is only in pre-primary (or grade R as it is now known) so she doesn’t even wear a school uniform yet. Like every... Continue Reading →

Endo-warriors, the queens of the ‘smile and wave’!

In general, up until now, my journey with endometriosis has been fairly smooth sailing. I mean, I got diagnosed and treated and for the past 5 years managed it to such an extend that it rarely crossed my mind. Until now. Now that we want to start a family. I am only now again starting... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

May you and your loved ones experience true and deep love this festive season. And be reminded what this time of year is really about. And here is to the new year! May 2018 bring you all the joy you deserve and your relationships go from strength to strength. xoxo  

Endometriosis is so unfair!

It's been a month since they harvested my eggs and froze our potential future babies. Which means we are fast approaching the implanting cycle. Earlier today we were discussing the finances. We are also in the process of buying a house. And everything all together is really expensive. I mean when the clinic gave us... Continue Reading →

My husband would be the best dad ever!

We are fast approaching the end of the year. Around here it means summer holidays and time well spent with friends and family. Although I am very excited about our well deserved break with the in-laws and all the extended family members, I always find myself at some point staring at my husband playing with... Continue Reading →

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