Endometriosis is so unfair!

It's been a month since they harvested my eggs and froze our potential future babies. Which means we are fast approaching the implanting cycle. Earlier today we were discussing the finances. We are also in the process of buying a house. And everything all together is really expensive. I mean when the clinic gave us... Continue Reading →


My husband would be the best dad ever!

We are fast approaching the end of the year. Around here it means summer holidays and time well spent with friends and family. Although I am very excited about our well deserved break with the in-laws and all the extended family members, I always find myself at some point staring at my husband playing with... Continue Reading →

NICE publishes new guidelines for endometriosis care.

I always get excited when I hear about progress in endometriosis, no matter how small. It makes me happy that there are increasing awareness and people are starting to give it the time of day that it deserves. Here is a blog about recent progress made, go check it out (and follow the blog if... Continue Reading →

Once a week I really feel like screaming!

If one more person asks me 'so when is the baby coming', I am going to scream! People are cruel. Whether it is complete strangers or close family or friends of family. It is a horrible question to ask somebody. There are 2 things that I promised myself I won't ask somebody. The first is... Continue Reading →

Endometriosis and chronic pain: is there a pill-free way to a better quality of life?

A fellow Endo-warrior's perspective on pain! Read the article here: Source: Endometriosis and chronic pain: is there a pill-free way to a better quality of life?

Tressure Your Relationship With Your Mom

The last few years I have found myself in an odd situation. Not really a situation, more 2 mindsets. On the one hand I didn't feel as close to my mom as always and certain things started to annoy me a lot. Stupid things, like the fact that she wanted us to get a dog so... Continue Reading →

Saying out loud “I have endometriosis and might never have children!”

I'm a private person, hence this blog is anonymous. I don't like telling people that there is a real possibility that me and my husband might never have children. I think that I don't feel like telling people also because we have not tried IVF yet and I don't want to say something like that... Continue Reading →

That monthly feeling of what if

Every month you find yourself thinking what if we did accidentally conceive this month and have beaten the odds? I mean, in my mind it is not impossible and as a christian you keep faith and hope you get to skip the R60 000 payment. You even skip one or 2 of your contraceptive pills... Continue Reading →

“She’s Just Like You When You Were A Child!”

My sister has 2 little girls, aged 2 and 5. And if I may say so myself, they are super cute and I love them to bits. The thing about kids that age is that every time they do something, the rest of the family would say something like 'she's just like her mom' or... Continue Reading →


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