Some tips on a healthy lifestyle with Enodmetriosis

If you suffer from endometriosis and have searched the internet for answers, you might have stumbled across articles mentioning you need a lifestyle change. Here is another blogger and fellow Endo-warriors tips on living a healthy life with endometriosis. Always nice to hear what works for someone else. Go follow her! Source: Welcome 2018


IVF: That’s what’s up!

Here is another lady's journey with IVF and some interesting questions and perspective on the process. Go follow her blog! Source: IVF: That's what's up!

Just sit with me awhile: A lesson in being loved

This is so beautifully written, made me all teary. Just another reminder that we are not alone and how important the people you share your life with are and how blessed you are for having a wonderful husband in your life. Go read this: Source: Just sit with me awhile: A lesson in being loved

Endometriosis and chronic pain: is there a pill-free way to a better quality of life?

A fellow Endo-warrior's perspective on pain! Read the article here: Source: Endometriosis and chronic pain: is there a pill-free way to a better quality of life?

Another lady’s experience with fertility treatment.

I stumbled across this lady's blog. Shannon was diagnosed with PCOS and are trying to get pregnant and also going through fertility treatment. I can truly relate to her emotions and sure that you will too. Go have a look and follow her blog.  

To the one who makes Mother’s Day hurt a little less

This blogpost is too beautiful to not share. Everyone faced with infertility would know exactly what she is talking about. Keep faith ladies, there are light at the end of the tunnel. In which ever shape and size. Source: To the one who makes Mother's Day hurt a little less

Celebrity Padma Lakshmi’s endo-story

At some point I was addicted to watching Top Chef. I enjoyed the food and the competition. Padma Lakshmi became a household name for me. At that point I didn't realise there will be more linking me to her than the pure enjoyment of good food. She was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of... Continue Reading →

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