Another lady’s experience with fertility treatment.

I stumbled across this lady’s blog. Shannon was diagnosed with PCOS and are trying to get pregnant and also going through fertility treatment. I can truly relate to her emotions and sure that you will too. Go have a look and follow her blog.  

To the one who makes Mother’s Day hurt a little less

This blogpost is too beautiful to not share. Everyone faced with infertility would know exactly what she is talking about. Keep faith ladies, there are light at the end of the tunnel. In which ever shape and size. Source: To the one who makes Mother’s Day hurt a little less

Celebrity Padma Lakshmi’s endo-story

At some point I was addicted to watching Top Chef. I enjoyed the food and the competition. Padma Lakshmi became a household name for me. At that point I didn’t realise there will be more linking me to her than the pure enjoyment of good food. She was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of…

Boom Shake the Womb!

Elizabeth’s story was posted on ‘Endo the World’. I was truly moved by what she has had to endure on her endometriosis journey. Life Lesson by Don Raye The fierce wind rages And I see how trees survive They have learned to bend Source: Boom Shake the Womb!

Another personal experience to share

I stumbled across this article written by a fellow endo-sister Chandelis Duster, ‘Pain and uncertainty: A young woman shares her struggle with endometriosis‘. Her story is much like all the others I’ve heard, very long and painful and treatment upon treatment only to be diagnosed correctly years later. Her endometriosis keeps returning (unlike mine) which…

How other woman handle endometriosis in their daily lives

I read this blog post by a lady under the name┬áTori-Crowther where she asked other endo-sufferers to share what they have learnt through personal experiances helps them to cope with this ever present disease. The ladies recommend exercise, healthy eating and joining a support group. All of these also helped me go through life with…

Somewhere there is a woman…

I read the below post on Facebook during the week and wanted to share it with you. This is so true. People should realise that an innocent question like ‘So when are you planning on falling pregnant?’ can be the cruelest thing you can ask a woman or a couple.

Surprise… You have endometriosis!

Here is another article written by Natalie, an Australian lady and fellow sufferer, with a very fitting title, “Surprise… you have endometriosis“. That is really how you feel, like you have just walked into your surprise party.