Some more tips on healthy foods and endometriosis

Here is a blogpost on some tips for healthy eating and managing endometriosis from a fellow endo-warrior. Go read the full post here. Healthy body, healthy mind. Here is a list of foods that help ease endometriosis symptoms: green leafy vegetables-which contains a lot of iron foods rich in omega 3's foods rich in antioxidants,... Continue Reading →


One month of healthy living

It's been a month since I saw the doctor and decided to go all out on changing my lifestyle. I am very conscious about what I eat. No sugar and nothing from a packet as far as possible. And going for runs 3 times a week. Not very long runs, but our dog is loving... Continue Reading →

Some tips on a healthy lifestyle with Enodmetriosis

If you suffer from endometriosis and have searched the internet for answers, you might have stumbled across articles mentioning you need a lifestyle change. Here is another blogger and fellow Endo-warriors tips on living a healthy life with endometriosis. Always nice to hear what works for someone else. Go follow her! Source: Welcome 2018

An article on ‘Period Brain’

If you've ever wondered how legit 'period brain' is or if its just something that's all in the mind, then you will enjoy this article. Referencing some studies done on hormones' effect on brain function. Source: What's the deal with "period brain"?

Clean slate for a healthy lifestyle

A while back I posted this blog how me and my husband started to cut out sugar from our diet. With Sarah Wilson's book titled 'I quit sugar' as motivation. Its been almost a year and a half since we started, but the last few months we defaulted to our old, nasty sugary habits again.... Continue Reading →

Endometriosis and chronic pain: is there a pill-free way to a better quality of life?

A fellow Endo-warrior's perspective on pain! Read the article here: Source: Endometriosis and chronic pain: is there a pill-free way to a better quality of life?

UK: MPs will debate decommissioning IVF on the NHS

IVF is expensive and not everyone has the means to afford it. Decommissioning IVF on the NHS would be another unfair flag hoisted for endosisters and their spouses.

Healthy eating – going sugar free!

I have a sweet tooth, I was born that way (not technically, but lets call it that). Growing up in a family eating pretty much everything. Even my brother can indulge in a bowl of broccoli. Even though I have never been a fan of peanut butter or raisins (I have always picked them out... Continue Reading →

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