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I am a South African woman who was diagnosed in 2012 with Endometriosis level 4 at the age of 26. Older woman who have been on this journey for a while have told me that I am lucky to have caught it so early. Many woman have endometriosis and don’t even know it. In my opinion we should start talking about it and make people aware of this as society have been doing with cancer and HIV. Not that they fall in the same category, you can’t die from having endometriosis but if we start talking about it, hopefully less and less woman will fall through the cracks and suffer unknowingly and untreated.

So the main objective of this blog is to share my story. If one person finds it comforting that they are not the only one walking down this road it was worth it, if one less person goes untreated after reading this all the better. The main thing for me was to find a good doctor (I also had to go through a bad one before finding a brilliant one who I would recommend any day) and get treated. Now looking back I can’t imagine that I could have ever thought that my periods were normal. So if you have also been diagnosed or suspects that you have endometriosis, follow my blog. Send me your story. Because you are not the only one living with this. Lets form a support network of woman and close friends who have been affected by endometriosis and find comfort in the masses.


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