That monthly feeling of what if

Every month you find yourself thinking what if we did accidentally conceive this month and have beaten the odds? I mean, in my mind it is not impossible and as a christian you keep faith and hope you get to skip the R60 000 payment.

You even skip one or 2 of your contraceptive pills in a month to give yourself a slightly better chance. We all know somebody that got pregnant after missing just a single tablet. So why not you also? I am not comfortable going completely off the contraceptives as the doctor advised me on my last visit to her that if I do want to try and conceive naturally, I shouldn’t stop taking it for more than 6 months or I might run the risk of having the endometriosis returning. Which we don’t want.

And then you still feel disappointed when your next period starts. Even though the doctor did tell you that the anatomy required to conceive is not there. So next month you again skip a tablet here and there and stay hopeful.


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