“She’s Just Like You When You Were A Child!”

My sister has 2 little girls, aged 2 and 5. And if I may say so myself, they are super cute and I love them to bits. The thing about kids that age is that every time they do something, the rest of the family would say something like ‘she’s just like her mom‘ or ‘she’s just like her dad‘. Unfortunately, recently I got the comment of ‘she’s just like you when you were that age‘, a lot. Especially with the youngest one. On the one hand I smile and want to see it as a compliment. But the problem I have with these remarks are that what if they are more like me than I want them to be. What if they are diagnosed with endometriosis one day, just like me! It is not something I wish on anyone. Especially those 2 little princesses.

In the back of my head I am always aware of the fact that my mother’s sister had endometriosis. I don’t blame anyone for my situation, I mean how could I. It is what it is and I just have to make the best of it. And genetics can be a strange thing. So every time they would say that either one of them did something that I did when I was a kid, I find myself replying with ‘I think she’s just like her dad.‘ The one day I actually went as far as telling them to stop saying that. I didn’t motivate why they should stop. They all know my situation and the road me and my husband have to walk. I so desperately want them to just stop. What if they are diagnosed one day. How can I not feel responsible if I am the one carrying the endo-genes in the family. It is a disease that can cause so much pain and heartache. People can be so cruel, unknowingly by making innocent comments like that.


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