Celebrity Padma Lakshmi’s endo-story

At some point I was addicted to watching Top Chef. I enjoyed the food and the competition. Padma Lakshmi became a household name for me. At that point I didn’t realise there will be more linking me to her than the pure enjoyment of good food. She was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 36, after a long period of time not knowing what was causing the pain and discomfort she was experiencing. You can read her interview (from 2010) with NBC News here.

A small extract from the article:

‘I didn’t know how much pain I was in until I wasn’t in pain anymore.  I used to be bedridden for four or five days, sometime with a heating pad, every month.  I would miss work and family engagements.  My hormones were crazy.  I had backache, lower backache, headache and bloating.  Everyone just thought that I had really bad periods, but this was much more than a really bad period.  When you’re told by the women in your family, “Oh yeah, I had really bad periods too, you’ll probably have it,” you just think, this is my lot in life.  You know, pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. ‘

You can also find more information on their website: endofound.org

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Padma Lakshmi


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