“ICU is just letters, until…”

I know Leandi from varsity days. She is such a gorgeous girl with an angelic voice. She is in her early 30’s now, but last June she had to bury her husband. I don’t know all the details around her husband’s death, what I do know is that he was suddenly rushed to hospital and admitted to ICU. At some point he was declared dead and then by some miracle woke up again and lived for another day or so, before being declared dead for the second time. Just a year and a half after their marriage. So she’s been through a lot. But every now and then she write’s these amazing posts about her feelings or a thought for the day. She found her strength in God during the most difficult time in her life and have become an exceptional woman. Today she posted the below message that I wanted to share with you:

“An ambulance is just an ambulance, until it is transporting somebody you know or love. ICU is just letters, until you have to visit somebody there or have to say goodbye. Crime is just a news headline, until somebody you know becomes part of the statistic. Coffee is just coffee, until it is your first date with somebody special. Love is just a word, until you feel it with your whole being. Saying goodbye is just a routine, until it is the last time. Life is something that everybody goes through, until you learn the hard way how short our journey on earth is and that you have to embrace every moment you have to give meaning to your life.”


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