Another personal experience to share

I stumbled across this article written by a fellow endo-sister Chandelis Duster, ‘Pain and uncertainty: A young woman shares her struggle with endometriosis‘. Her story is much like all the others I’ve heard, very long and painful and treatment upon treatment only to be diagnosed correctly years later. Her endometriosis keeps returning (unlike mine) which means she constantly live with the reality and awareness every single day. I at least get to forget about it some days. The following quote sums up our daily struggle beautifully, what else it there for us to do than keep pushing and keep fighting?

‘As tired as I am of endo’s terrible spin cycle, all I can do is sleep with the heating pad every night, take my Vitamin B12 pills for energy, hope for the best and keep going.’

Chandelis – we’re all in this together fighting the same battles with the hope of one day being able to hold our baby 🙂


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