Annual check-up (1 year later)

After my final laparoscopy was effective, I only had to see my doctor a year later for a check-up. To me that meant I could park this disease at the back of my head and not think of it as often as the last 12 months. Not having to see a doctor or think about making my next appointment. I could carry on with my life. Kind off.

So time came for my first check up, a year after the final laparoscopy, in 2014. I have to admit, the time from when I made the appointment to the actual appointment, was a little scary. All those thoughts started to come up about “what if it returned” and “what if the doctor doesn’t like what she sees? You almost hold your breath in anticipation while she does the transvaginal ultrasound. It felt like a mountain lifting from my shoulders when she smiled at me and said everything looks good.

At this time we were engaged, so we discussed IVF.It is very comforting to see a compassionate doctor who talks to you realistically, but never forgets that for you this is a very scary path. I always wonder how many of the people around me have walked this path, but you don’t realize. Some with success in falling pregnant others almost giving up hope after many years of trying. The truth is so many people suffer in silence as society expects all woman to be able to fall pregnant and almost regard you as a failing in being a woman just because you are unable to get pregnant. People are cruel without realizing it and asking a simple question as “so when are you and you husband planning on having a baby”


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