Final Laparoscopy

After almost 1 year of realizing there is something wrong. 2 doctors, 2 surgeries and 6 very expensive injections that made me moody and irrational as hell, I reached the end of my aggressive treatment plan. I had the option of doing the final laparoscopy just to make sure the treatment was a success. The best way is to confirm that is with a laparoscopy. The alternative is a sonar/scan, which doesn’t give the most accurate view. So I opted for the laparoscopy. Better make 100% sure than finding a surprise in a few months time.

I still had a job interview the day before the surgery. But what can you do. I needed to find a job as I was graduating in 3 weeks. Life goes on, it doesn’t wait around for you to catch up. I was feeling like I was reaching the end of my storm (for now at least). I passed my masters Cum Laud and the worst part of my treatment was behind me.

I was getting into the thing of being admitted to hospital, with each visit getting easier. It’s like riding a bike. The more you do it the more comfortable you get. This time around I didn’t stay over and got to go home by the evening, with a packet of very strong pain killers. The good news came that the treatment was a success and that the endometriosis didn’t come back. The bad news… I was left with bad lesions on my Fallopian tubes which meant that I will most likely not be able to conceive naturally and IVF was the way to go. It is not ideal, but I will take it. At least pregnancy is not off the cards. Or attempting pregnancy. IVF has a success rate of 50-60% depending on who you talk to and which pages you open on the internet.

By now breaking this kind of personal and intimate news to my boyfriend also started to get easier. We have had to discuss very intimate things over the first year of our relationship. But it made us stronger. I am truly blessed with an amazing man in my life.


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