How Endometriosis works and the different types

Me being an analytical person, the main thing was to understand what Endometriosis is and how it works. I believe if you understand something first, you will have a better approach to to problem and tackle it better from the get go instead of just jumping in head first.

The below is a copy-paste from an internet article I found on Jean Hailes’ site which summarised it nicely for me.

What happens?

The endometrial cells:

  • are found on organs in the pelvis
  • may start to grow and form patches or nodules on pelvic organs or on the peritoneum (the inside lining of the abdomen and pelvis, see image)
  • have the same cyclical/menstrual changes outside the uterus as inside the uterus
  • may bleed at the same time as your period (menstruation)

Factors that may lower the risk of getting endometriosis are:

  • how many children you have – the chance of getting endometriosis may lower with each pregnancy (this may be related to the hormone progesterone during pregnancy)
  • younger age of first pregnancy
    • breastfeeding for a longer period
    • regular exercise of more than four hours per week (this may also help with pelvic pain for endometriosis)

There may be different forms or types of endometriosis

  • Superficial peritoneal patches (surface lining patches or plaques)
  • Deep infiltrating endometriosis, in which endometriosis causes scarring and nodules which can grow into nearby organs, such as the bladder, bowel and ovary. In the ovary it causes a ‘chocolate cyst’ or endometrioma
  • Adenomyosis, whereby the endometrial cells grow inside the muscle of the uterus
  • Outside the pelvis – this rare
  • Upper abdomen eg, on the diagram
  • In the liver, nose, eye
  • Abdominal wall, often associated with previous operation scarring
  • Adolescent endometriosis, which may have different causes

common sites of endometriosis




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