Healthy eating – going sugar free!

I have a sweet tooth, I was born that way (not technically, but lets call it that). Growing up in a family eating pretty much everything. Even my brother can indulge in a bowl of broccoli. Even though I have never been a fan of peanut butter or raisins (I have always picked them out of my ‘health’ muffins). We were never that big on take-away’s as we lived on a farm and the nearest fast food place was about 20 km away. That was something that we had for lunch on a Friday after my mom picked us up from boarding school and we still had to hangout in town for a while. But oh how we love those baked goodies.

I came across a review of Sarah Wilson’sI quit sugar‘ book in two magazines within 1 month. I read the reviews but didn’t take much note or got excited about actually buying the book. I have been on a diet twice in my live before. Then one day one of biggest online shopping websites in South Africa sent me their little newsletter, they had a book sale and the book was on special. And I though why not.

I started reading and literally couldn’t put the book down. It was like a whole new world opening up. I had no idea how much sugar I was consuming. So the next week me and my husband started the 8 week program not necessarily to loose weight, but rather to be healthy. Neither one of us is severely over weight but we did have some extra padding to loose. That was in April. It went well, we did stumble, but kept going. Today those chocolates that I remember I loved, does not taste that good anymore and I feel disappointed in the taste of sweet stuff. I remember them being so much better than when I have a little taste of them now. I lost 3 kg in the first 3 weeks which I haven’t picked up again, 7 months down the line.

To me the interesting part was how the people around you reacts when you tell them you’re cutting out sugar. The whole idea is to cut it out completely for the first 8 weeks to re-calibrate your taste buds. An all or nothing approach. People are more accepting than when you say you’re on a diet. And the funny part is most people react by saying something in the line of ‘Yes I have also stopped adding sugar to my tea and coffee‘. Not exactly the same thing.

I must admit we are not 100% sugar free, rather 85%. We still have something for desert when we have dinner at friends’ place, but very small portions. And I would try and make some sugar free desert when we have friends over (with normal sugary ice cream on standby for those who don’t like it). I have tried many of her recipes in the book and bought a second one also, namely ‘I quit sugar for live’ . I have shared the coco-nutty granola recipe with so many people. My sisters still tease me about the time I made the lemon meringue with way too much lemon juice, but it came out looking perfect at least.

More than a month ago I came across stories shared by some woman (suffering from PCOS) that quit sugar and fell pregnant naturally. And my first reaction was maybe, just maybe this could be why I stumbled across these book reviews 6 months before reading these stories. I know PCOS and Endometriosis is not the same thing, but what if? Me and my husband wants to have children of our own and IVF comes at a price tag of +- R60,000 which is quite a lot. We are planning on going for treatment next year sometime. So cutting out sugar might have an added benefit. I am a slight optimist and realistically there are no guarentee, but if this is not the case at least I am bettering my eating habits in the process and living slightly more healthily. What do I have to loose?

PCOS vs Endometriosis:

‘The primary difference between PCOS and endometriosis is the part of the reproductive system that is affected. With PCOS, the problem is focused on the ovaries. Endometriosis, however, involves endometrial tissue that appears outside the uterus and affects other organs in the pelvis. For example, it may grow on the ovaries, but can also affect a range of other organs. Additionally, the tissue may form on the pelvic cavity lining and other structures.’


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  1. I’ve done that for long spells and it really makes a difference in your taste buds that’s for sure. The one thing for me though that has been hard has been that most alcohol is now too sweet for me so the most I can have is maybe one glass and I’m totally done ( and right when I’m in between IVF rounds and can actually drink, argh!).

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