Surgery #2 (Laparotomy)

Going back for my second surgery was slightly easier. I knew what the diagnosis were and what was coming. It was all about treating my situation and ‘fixing’ what can be fixed with the main goal of giving me a better quality of life. It is the small things and the logic behind it in which I found comfort, and the fact that my doctor was so caring and re-assuring. I would recommend her to anyone.

After the surgery I had to stay in hospital for the weekend. This was an eye opener for me. Personally I think nursing is an even more unappreciated profession than teaching. Up until this point in my life I never really had anything to do with them, but since then I look at them with the utmost respect. I shared a room with 2 ladies who had hysterectomies, so the mood in the room was rather positive even though I kept to myself. It is nice to have uplifting conversations going. My boyfriend also surprised me with a visit, I didn’t know that he was planning on driving 400 km to come see me. When he walked in I was so happy and surprised that I started crying, but it was so uncomfortable where they made the incision that I had to hold it back. Which was not very easy!

The next 2 weeks I was recovering at my parents house. It was easier as there is always somebody around to hand me glass of water or tea and I didn’t have to worry about making something to eat or finding the strength to do a task. I could just sleep and get better. A good support system always makes this process easier. I must say the pain was minimal (the pain killers might have had something to do with it). I experienced more discomfort because of the incision than anything else. My mom got me these super tight granny panties that comes up to your middle. I thought it was slightly weird but was willing to give it a try. Apparently it gives more support around the incision area so your mussels takes less strain and heals faster. I have not worn them since…

After 2 weeks I was feeling much better and it was time to get back to writing that thesis. I knew I was not going to make the deadline to graduate in December, but getting better was first priority and I was only postponing graduation to March of the following year. I made the trip back to my boyfriend (driving almost 400 km) without much discomfort. I must say the only part that I didn’t like was going over speed bumps. You start thinking differently about things after something like this. If you see someone going over a speed bump like a tortoise, you don’t necessarily get annoyed at them, they might have a valid reason for driving like that. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!


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