Pre-first laparoscopy

I discussed what the doctor said with my parents (I was at that point on their medical aid, being a full time student and all) and their immediate reaction was that I have to go for the laparoscopy. My sister, the physio, also said that I have to do this. Some how it was comforting that they all reacted this way immediately. It made everything less scary. I managed to put everything aside the next day and just enjoyed the long weekend with my family. My boyfriend showed up the Friday as well, but I decided to not tell him till after the weekend when we were back home again. The Saturday we had a nice day with friends, after my boyfriend completed a 45km mountain bike race. The Sunday my dad braai-ed a snoek for my birthday. All and all we had a really nice weekend.

My boyfriend left again on the Sunday afternoon, he had to work Monday, but I only left Monday afternoon. I couldn’t miss Roger Federer winning another Wimbledon title. On the 400km drive back home a lot of things started going through my head. Mostly the confusion started again. The doctor did give me some information sheets to read. But I wanted to know more. More detail, more stats, more of what other people experience who went through this. When I got to my boyfriends place, I realised I had to break the news to him that I have to go for a laparoscopy. It was a bit scary cause we haven’t been together that long, but I had to tell him. I told him what the doctor said and that they will phone me in the week to confirm the date for the surgery. His whole face told me that he doesn’t like the idea that I am not well and that I have to go for the surgery, but at the same time he knew that I had to do it. He pulled me closer and held me tight and all he said was “She better know what she’s doing”.

The laparoscopy was confirmed for 3 weeks later during which I read a lot. Being the detailed orientated person that I am, I turned to medical journals instead of just regular internet articles. Half of the word I didn’t understand but with time I understood more. My dad always say “An informed person is a happy person”. The the better I understood the disease and what goes with it, the more at ease I felt with the doctor and that I was in good hands.

For me the most important thing was that I had a support system that pushed me. I never had the option to say no to the laparoscopy. They all made me realise that having an insicion mark on your stomach is nothing when it means that you get your health back. Cause like every other 25 year old girl, I really didn’t like the idea that they are going to cut me open. And all the reading and google-ing images helped me realise that by minimum invasive, they really mean minimum invasive. By the end of the 3 weeks I really felt prepared, emotionally as well, with a whole bunch of people behind me to lift my spirits if I might consider to be down in the dumps. Having loved ones around you in troubled times can carry you much further than you can imagine.


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