The next 3 months

I took the medicine as prescribed by the doctor, but things didn’t really get better (apart from my periods). I started getting feverish during my periods, hot ad cold. The pain got really bad, I would be on painkillers for 10 days or more straight, from more or less 2 days before my period started. Which was really awfull as I am not very good with swallowing pills. But if you are in so much pain that you can’t leave the house or you can’t sleep at night then you force yourself to drink them. Even if it means you are going to throw up. I was so pale during my periods that even my boyfriend got a fright when he saw me. Apart from all of that I was shaky and weak and just stayed in bed for almost a week. This all stated with my second month taking Andocur and Minerva. During all of this I just kept telling myself that it is going to get better, I just have to keep taking the medication and stick out the 3 months so that I can go see the doctor again.

I would start feeling better after a week in bed and have the strength to leave the house and feel like I am good to drive again. So I would carry on as normal for the next 3 weeks. I would stock up on painkillers during this time as well just incase tomorrow is a bad day again. I always had painkillers on me, I was too scared the pain would come back and I would be unprepared. I took more painkillers in a month than after any of my 3 surgeries.

So after my third month on the medication, it was time for me to go see the doctor again. I decided to follow the little voice inside of me and listened to my sister. I went to go see her doctor instead of the one I went to the first time round. Which proved to be the best decision I could have made.


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