Living with hope

I am a Christian. It is where I find my strength. Growing up on a farm makes you realise time and time again how dependent we are on God, because there are so little that we can actually control. I respect all other religions as I would like them to respect mine.

I was sitting in church on Sunday and the topic for the sermon on the screen was “Living with hope”. As usual I closed my eyes and asked God to help me hear the message that He wanted to give to me. When the reverend said we should open our bibles to Jeremiah 32:1-15 I was confused for a second because it is a piece about Jeremiah buying a piece of land. By the end of the sermon I had to admit that it was very good sermon and a beautiful message. To put into context, the church I attended was in a small rural town at the heart of a farming community.

The scripture is like I said about Jeremiah buying a piece of land from a family member at a time when he was preaching to the people that God was going to give Isreal over to the Babylonians. Well the moral of the story was that he was buying a piece of land because God told him to because Israel won’t be rueled by the Babylonians forever. He was acting in faith and living in hope. And all through the sermon all I kept thinking of was having my own children one day. I haven’t tried yet so I don’t know what the road ahead looks like, but according to the doctor, in vitro is my forte. The message that I took from the sermon was that we must live with hope, that the circumstances that we find ourselves in today is not what our future will look like. There are better things in store for us. Because God is a loving God that wants the best for us. Like Kelly Clarkson sings: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. We had no say in being diagnosed with endometriosis, we didn’t do anything wrong, we had no control over it. What we can control is how we react to the diagnosis. So we can either cry and feel sorry for ourselves or we can make the best of the hand we have been dealt. Charles R Swindoll once said “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”. We can choose to buy a piece of land in faith and hope, while the Babylonians are taking control of Israel because we believe that our current circumstances won’t last forever.

I read Joel Osteens daily emails, “Today’s word”, and I have also read 2 of his books, and he’s mentioned a few times how his mother reacted when she was told she had cancer. If I remember correctly she didn’t have a lot of time left and when she got home after hearing the diagnosis, she praised the Lord. And she proved the doctors wrong by keeping faith and having a positive mindset. I am not saying that is what’s going to happen to everyone. But I am going to keep believing and stay in faith that one day I will have children. I my opinion, it’s worth the try.

May we never loose hope.


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