The realisation: Something is wrong

The big thing for me about endometriosis was that I never knew there was something wrong with me (I prefer saying that there is/was something wrong with me rather than I have an illness or disease). I was living unaware of what was going on, never having the need to have a sonar done and not being sexually active didn’t see the need for it either. My quality of life was never severely affected until the day that I decided to go see the doctor. This was more or less 5 months before being officially diagnosed after a laparoscopy. The sad part is that the more I talked to my doctor the more I realised that this is the case for most woman. So I started to wonder how many more woman are there who think their painful period is just normal for them. Lets face it pain is a very vague word. What is painful to me is not necessarily painful to you. Each of us’ pain tolerance level is different. And then how many woman are treated for something else by mistake. Somebody told my mom I was lucky they diagnosed me so quickly (after seeing a second gynecologist) because she was treated for a while every time for something differently which in the end turned out to be endometriosis.

So where did it all start for me? Ok lets put it this way I had up until 25 very normal periods, or at least what I considered as normal. For 12 years I haven’t skipped a month and I only had to take painkillers for the first 3 days at the most. And it never  ever continued past day 7. Until one day. I had my period as normal, nothing strange, but then a week after it ended for the month I noticed spotting for 2 days. It was weird but I didn’t  think too much of it because I didn’t experience more pain than usual and it wasn’t really a proper flow either. I reckoned it was just my body doing something different , cause it properly happens to other woman as well from time to time. So I carried on being the carefree masters student that I was at the time.

The next month I also noticed spotting a week after my period ended, this time a bit more and for 3 days. But once again I didn’t really take note of it, I handled it and carried on with my everyday activities. Then the next month I realised something was wrong, seriously . My period didn’t stop after day 7 and the first 2 days of the second week I was in excruciating pain. So much that I stayed in bed for 2 days. I just felt like throwing up if I stayed upright for too long. I had shivers and was very pale. I kept taking painkillers. I couldn’t get an appointment at a gynecologist immediately and had to wait till the third day of my second week before I was able to get an appointment with a gynecologist. So I just took the earliest one I was able to get after phoning 5 doctors. I just phoned everyone on the private hospital’s website in the town where I was living at the moment, thinking they will all know what they are doing. Not even thinking of getting references from other people first. How wrong was I.


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