FET Day 19: Post transfer day

The last few hours was jam packed, weirdly wonderful with the potential of being life changing. We had our second attempt at transfering a fertilised embryo in about 9 months. The doctor, nurses and embryologist all seems more optimistic this time round. Even my husband picked up on it, and he haven't seen them in... Continue Reading →


FET Day 18: Our stars are aligning

It has been a weirdish week since my last scan. Well weird in a good way. This past weekend my mom and sister and her 2 little rascals stayed with us (her husband is in England for 2 weeks). There was a lot of joking about my last weekend I can drink wine, eat sushi... Continue Reading →

FET Day 11: Third scan

Today was my third scan. It is all about getting my uterus lining to 8mm. On Monday we were on 5.7mm already which is slightly better than the previous time. I was good news. The doctor even smiled at me. We are on 7.7mm! Which is just awesome seeing as there is still another week... Continue Reading →

FET Day 8: Getting closer to transfer day!

So today was what I thought is my day 1 scan. I have been injecting myself for a week now with Lucrin, which acts as a hormone ‘eliminator’. In other words my own hormones are removed from the picture and I am taking medication that takes over the function of my hormones in the correct... Continue Reading →

FET: Day minus 8, here we go again!

My appointment with the doctor was this morning. Today we heard whether or not my body is ready for the next attempt. I must say I have been very calm this weekend, I think it has to do with the fact that I have been through this before. You learn from life experiences, how difficult... Continue Reading →

Our little embryo would have been born this week!

Our little embrio would have been born this week. It sound surreal. Unfortunately my body terminated the pregnancy in the 5th week. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. I don't always understand while I am in the moment, but it is comforting to see things in that light. Especially the... Continue Reading →

Almost 3 months on Visanne!

I have been taking Visanne now for 2 months and 21 days. I am not noticing any side effects really. The last month has been a bit more difficult to eat healthy foods only and I had a cold so haven't been able to go for a run as diligently as the last 4 months... Continue Reading →

Those innocent little questions

I don’t think ‘fertile’ people will ever understand what people face who has a big question mark around what their fertility future holds. I know I wrote about this previously, but I was faced with another situation again where my first reaction was ‘you don’t know what you’re asking me.’ We braai’ed (or BBQ’d like... Continue Reading →

Doctor visit after 2 months on Visanne

I had my doctors appointment this morning after taking Visanne for 2 months. He is positive about what he is seeing on the scans, but the endometrium that he saw 2 months ago is still there (about 40mm in size) and it hasn't shrunk. As Visanne is eliminating the inflammatory properties of the endometrium he... Continue Reading →


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