Doctor visit after 2 months on Visanne

I had my doctors appointment this morning after taking Visanne for 2 months. He is positive about what he is seeing on the scans, but the endometrium that he saw 2 months ago is still there (about 40mm in size) and it hasn't shrunk. As Visanne is eliminating the inflammatory properties of the endometrium he... Continue Reading →


Endometriosis and testing your patience

Endometriosis does not mind time. At all! It sits there lingering and investing your insides. Making itself nice and comfortable until it shouts ‘Hello!’ So many times, do we hear and read about ladies who had to go through years of misdiagnosis and misguided treatments just to eventually find that right doctor that diagnose her... Continue Reading →

So now our dog has breast cancer!

We noticed that our dog’s teats weren’t retracting properly after she had puppies (the last one found his way to his new home 3 months ago). She did have a mastitis problem which we had treated during the 7 weeks we had the puppies. So we decided that I would take her to the vet... Continue Reading →

One month on Visanne!

So I have been on Visanne for a month now. I am not experiencing any side affects (the only one the doctor mentioned was bloatedness, but off course there are many more listed in the leaflet). I have been exercising 3 times a week and trying to stay away from most of the processed stuff.... Continue Reading →

Emotional rollercoaster – here we go again!

My emotions went bonkers last night. Firstly, I got annoyed that TV was so loud. I’m telling you me and my husband is most probably developing a hearing problem. We live in a very hot town in the Winelands (35-40 degrees celcius in summer is the average) and the house doesn’t have an aircon, for... Continue Reading →

Endometriosis – the gift that keeps on giving!

So the news is not great. Not the worst. But not great. The 17 days I was experiencing pain, wasn’t a false alarm. The doctor did my annual papsmere and then the ultrasound. And there it was! Some endometrium in full sight. Well at least for him. I still struggle with those ultrasound screens. Bottom... Continue Reading →

The courage it takes to admit it’s time to see the doctor!

It's been 3 cycles since my hysterectomy. And things have been fine. I think. My cycles have been really short. More 2.5 days than 3. Not something that I'm used to. I've been playing with the idea whether or not I should phone the nurse at the clinic. Just to make sure what is suppose... Continue Reading →

The aftermath of a few rough months

We are well into our much needed breather-period and I have been reflecting a lot lately on the past 12 months. Thinking about how much has happened, what we went through and what I would do differently in the coming months. I think this is also an important part of going through IVF or any... Continue Reading →

Endometriosis and the impact of delayed diagnosis

This is so true. Everybody having to battle endometriosis would agree with this blog post. And for those of you who live with someone who has been diagnosed and are fighting this battle, this would help you understand things a little better. Go read the full post here: Endometriosis and the impact of delayed diagnosis.  ... Continue Reading →

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