FET: Today was not a good day

In general, I think I am a fairly calm person. I won't describe myself as an emotional person. I think I handle stressful situations fairly well. Mostly by reminding myself of what my master's supervisor told me the one day right at the beginning when I ask him 'where do I start?' He just calmly... Continue Reading →


FET: Day 16 appointment

So this is it. Day 16. Today we hear our fate. My doctor was in surgery for the morning so my appointment was scheduled for just after 11:00. Which means I had to go to work and then come up with some reason as to why I am popping out for extended early lunch. Only... Continue Reading →

FET: Day 13 appointment

Today is all about 2 mm. I have been injecting myself for the past 22 days. That is a total of 37 injections that I have given myself over the past few months. I must say, it does gets easier and I am getting better at it every day. Maybe I'll be a nurse in... Continue Reading →

FET: Day 10 appointment

It's been a busy week. I've been taking my lucrin injections every day and also increasesd the estro-pause every 3 days (I'm taking 3 tablets in the mornings now after starting with 1). The nurse warned me that a lot of woman start to feel bad when they take 3 tablets at the same time... Continue Reading →

FET: Day 3 appointment with the doctor, again!

My day 3 appointment with the doctor has arrived. Or at least day 5 for this cycle. Because day 3 fell on a weekend and I am on Lucrin injections, we scheduled my day 3 appointment on day 5. We will prompt my body to think it is day 3 when I start taking some... Continue Reading →

Blog mentions – I’ve been nominated

I haven't been reading my emails very diligently (you know, life happens), so when I eventually decided it's time to catch up and delete all the crap from my inbox (it's just the one store having a special after the other, all wanting you to spend your hard earned cash), I noticed 2 emails. I... Continue Reading →

FET: Day 1, again!

It is day 1, for the third time in 4 months! This is the cycle where we are knocking out my own hormones with daily Lucrin injections. I did my 8th one this morning (this takes my total of self injections to 23). I will also for the first time this cycle have to get... Continue Reading →

One month of healthy living

It's been a month since I saw the doctor and decided to go all out on changing my lifestyle. I am very conscious about what I eat. No sugar and nothing from a packet as far as possible. And going for runs 3 times a week. Not very long runs, but our dog is loving... Continue Reading →

FET: Starting a new set of injections

So day 21 has arrived! Which means I get to stab myself again once a day. I am really not looking forward to this, but I guess it's a mind over matter situation. I mean who likes giving themselves injections. Keep focussing on the next step and eventually you will reach the end goal. If... Continue Reading →


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