The aftermath of a few rough months

We are well into our much needed breather-period and I have been reflecting a lot lately on the past 12 months. Thinking about how much has happened, what we went through and what I would do differently in the coming months. I think this is also an important part of going through IVF or any... Continue Reading →


Endometriosis and the impact of delayed diagnosis

This is so true. Everybody having to battle endometriosis would agree with this blog post. And for those of you who live with someone who has been diagnosed and are fighting this battle, this would help you understand things a little better. Go read the full post here: Endometriosis and the impact of delayed diagnosis.  ... Continue Reading →

That naughty child is your privilege and responsibility, man up!

We have all seen them. Those naughty children screaming and crying in the shops, making everyone in the isle stop and turn around. Much to the parent’s humiliation. Then you get the two types of parents. The one that blatantly ignores the child and carry on with the shopping, they are after all in the... Continue Reading →

The impact of fertility treatment on your emotions

I stumbled across these 2 blog posts on how much of an emotional rollercoaster fertility treatment process can be, and I can totally relate. When you go through fertility treatment you make the decision based on the fact that you want a little bundle of joy of your own. You save for months as it... Continue Reading →

Will funerals ever be bearable?

I woke up this morning, already dreading what lies ahead. I won't say I've been to many funerals (I can only thank God for that), but the funeral of a child must be the worst thing ever. He would have turned 17 in a few months. It was a 3 hour drive and since the... Continue Reading →

Some more tips on healthy foods and endometriosis

Here is a blogpost on some tips for healthy eating and managing endometriosis from a fellow endo-warrior. Go read the full post here. Healthy body, healthy mind. Here is a list of foods that help ease endometriosis symptoms: green leafy vegetables-which contains a lot of iron foods rich in omega 3's foods rich in antioxidants,... Continue Reading →

Loosing an embryo vs a loosing a child

We received horrible news around 8pm last night. My brother sent a picture/Facebook post on our family WhatsApp group saying my parents' one god-child went missing after going for a swim in the ocean. I replied almost immediately 'is this a sick joke or real?'. It's not April's fools day but with fake news being... Continue Reading →

What we have spent to date (one IVF and FET cycle and a surgery)!

I figured now would be a good time to do a little recon of what this 'little' exercise has cost us to date. I have mentioned previously that with our initial consultation the people at the clinic gave us a cost breakdown which indicated that an IVF cycle would cost us R57,500 for the fertility... Continue Reading →

Endo Webinar Video

Here is a nice webinar on Endometriosis. Go have a look.

Bloomin' Uterus

A huge thanks to the Endometriosis Family Support Group and the Riverside Medical Clinic Charitable Foundation.  Last night Meghan Cleary spoke about “Why Won’t My Insurance Pay for my Endometriosis Surgery? How Clinical Gender Bias Delays Diagnosis and Treatment – And What You Can Do About It”. Here is the link to the webinar:

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