FET: I’m late!

I'm late! For the first time since 1999! This feels weird. And confusing. And terrifying. What if something is wrong. It's been 5 weeks since my previous period started. I haven't skipped a cycle 18 years. And I have never been this late. But it has also been 6 weeks since the doctor harvested my... Continue Reading →


Endometriosis is so unfair!

It's been a month since they harvested my eggs and froze our potential future babies. Which means we are fast approaching the implanting cycle. Earlier today we were discussing the finances. We are also in the process of buying a house. And everything all together is really expensive. I mean when the clinic gave us... Continue Reading →

Just sit with me awhile: A lesson in being loved

This is so beautifully written, made me all teary. Just another reminder that we are not alone and how important the people you share your life with are and how blessed you are for having a wonderful husband in your life. Go read this: Source: Just sit with me awhile: A lesson in being loved

My husband would be the best dad ever!

We are fast approaching the end of the year. Around here it means summer holidays and time well spent with friends and family. Although I am very excited about our well deserved break with the in-laws and all the extended family members, I always find myself at some point staring at my husband playing with... Continue Reading →

Informative video about Endometriosis

I stumbled across this very informative video that help understand what endometriosis is. If you or somebody you care about are affected by endometriosis, you need to watch this. Source: Endometriosis.org

NICE publishes new guidelines for endometriosis care.

I always get excited when I hear about progress in endometriosis, no matter how small. It makes me happy that there are increasing awareness and people are starting to give it the time of day that it deserves. Here is a blog about recent progress made, go check it out (and follow the blog if... Continue Reading →

IVF: Our potential babies are frozen!

Yeah! We have 12 frozen embryos! This is very exciting, but on the other hand freaky. To think, there are mini-me's in a fridge out there. Ready to be implanted in my uterus, when the time is right. For me this whole process has been looking forward as far as the next step. Not getting... Continue Reading →


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